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Hey, gang......maintaining the pool has been somewhat of an easy task with THE kit.........however, i am beginning to see the rise in CYA (gradually) as i'm still using pucks and may be doing so through the upcoming football season as my time at home is about to cease......i know the pucks are the issue, but i've gone ahead and lowered the chlorinator setting from 3.5 down to 3 (will see where that takes me). my other question is can i replace water by backwashing/rinsing for 4-5 days (don't really want to deprive my kiddos the pool use at anytime as they are still in summer mode)? will the backwashing and refill that often be comparable to the removing a huge amount of water at one time? thanks!


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Apr 17, 2010
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A couple inches is all you'll be able to do at a time that way. I'd use the bottom drain, knock it down a foot and refill. Pretty quick operation.