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Apr 29, 2017
I'm a little confused. TFP recommends a CYA level of 70-80 with a swg. I've got a 16k gunite pool with a Jandy Aquapure 1400, which is oversized but came with the pool. I'm running it at 15% 9 hours a day right now in NJ and my chlorine is 4.8. My CYA is 55.
So my question is, why should I increase my CYA levels when my chlorine stays high with only 15% cell on time?
Fcl 4.81
Tcl 4.83
pH 7.8
Alk 50
Cya 55
Ch 275
Borate 52
Temp 65
Salt 3300
Thanks for any insight

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Besides preserving the FC generated by your SWG, the next big advantage is to lessen the use of the SWG and/or pump time on your system. For example, you're running at 9 hrs now, but what if you could maintain that same FC level by running the system only 4 hrs? Not only would your SWG service life be extended, but you should save a few $$ from energy pump run-times. It's really a matter of adjusting those parameters to meet your pool's FC demand while extending SWG cell life and saving some money. You'll see a bit more of that discussed at the links below. Hope that helps.
Pool School - Salt Water Chlorine Generators
Pool School - Water Balance for SWGs


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May 19, 2010
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In New Jersey you might be fine with the slightly lower cya level. A higher cya level would allow the swg to work even less and should last longer.
How are you testing your water that you have such interesting numbers?