CYA is there a way to lower without draining?


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Mar 11, 2017
We have finally finished the SLAMing and now I am trying to get all the numbers right.

Right now
FC 6.5
CC 0
CYA 55
TA is 130
PH is 7.7

I thought I would tackle the CYA problem first and try to lower it the recommended amount. I would love not to have drain it again, is there a way to lower it since it is only a little bit out of whack?

Then if I lower the PH to 7.0 that should lower my TA right?


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Jun 7, 2011
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The only way is to replace some water, but honestly I would not lower it much. Summer is coming on, and most of us in the Southern US find that 40-50, sometimes even 60 is a great place to be. This is most true if you get full sun on the pool all day long.

Yes, repeated lowering of your pH will bring the TA down, but it will take a little while. Longer or shorter depending on your fill water TA, and the amount of water you replace.


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Feb 27, 2016
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I wouldn't worry about that CYA number vs. your FC reading. Watch it for awhile and see how it does over time. As long as you keep your FC number in range you're fine.

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Mar 5, 2017
I think there's a way. I heard about a pool water recycling service in Vista that uses reverse osmosis technology to lower CYA.
You may want to try and search something like "Pool Services Technologies" in Google to bring up their website.