CYA is below 20....Am I reading it right???


May 18, 2010
OK I have a TF 100 and while testing the CYA I am looking directly down the tube, I cannot make the black dot dissappear. I just want to make sure I am looking at it right before I start adding stuff. Also while im here, my readings.....

Ph 7.5
Chlorine 1 ppm
TA 80

I plan on adding liquid bleach using the pool calculators recommendations and water conditioner for my CYA. Does this sound right?? Or will the bleach raise my CYA also???


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Feb 23, 2008
Denton, TX
Sounds like you have no CYA.

Use the pool calc to find your CYA dose and add that amount. Bleach will not add CYA.

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