CYA Insight, question


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Aug 3, 2017
Lexington, NC
I seem to have an unusual situation with my CYA. At the beginning of this season I used tabs to get my CYA to 50, them switched to liquid chlorine. Few weeks later I checked my CYA and it had dropped to 30, added several more tabs, back to 40, few weeks later dropped again to about 30. Since then I have routinely kept 2-3 tabs in a floater and my CYA holds right at 40.
Not a lot of splash out or draining, my calcium and alkalinity are not being lost in the same portions as CYA. CYA test chemicals are good, purchased in the spring.
Where is the CYA going?
Is there a way to lose CYA besides splash out and draining/refilling?
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