CYA in startup pool. Sock? Or...


Jun 3, 2018
Pflugerville, TX
Hi, all...
Im starting up an above-ground pool (24ftx4ft round, 13.5k gal). The PoolMath App says I need about 4 lbs CYA, which matches my expectations. I did a sockful yesterday, about 28 oz, but that’s still not fully dissolved 24 hours later (guessing 90% dissolved). This is gonna take a while. So, is it okay to keep on with the socks for the next few days? The bucket of CYA directs to dissolve in warm water and pour in. Should I do that to get it in faster?
I have the Leslie’s FAS-DPD kit and am keeping up with Chlorine and pH needs daily. If it matters, the water is warm (88F) and alkaline (comes out of the tap with CH of 150 ppm and pH 8.0). We joke that we drink liquified limestone here.
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Hello and welcome to the forum! :wave: For those granules in the sock, ..... squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. By doing that, it should all be milky white and gone in a matter of hours. If you have any other questions about yoru chemistry, feel free to post the full set of numbers as follows:


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