CYA in a skimmer sock


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Apr 27, 2017
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We had a good bit a rain recently and I had to drain a couple of inches of water from the pool to keep from overflowing and get the skimmer opening back above the water line. I noticed that the FC was getting lower than normal so out came the entire test kit.

FC 1.8
CC 0.2 (frog bones in the skimmer, I liquified a frog :?)
pH 8.0
TA 50
CH 310
CYA 35 (tested twice)
NaCl 2900

Muriatic Acid to pH 7.6 - Baking Soda to TA 70 - Calcium Chloride to CH 350. Picking up more salt after work today.

So, CYA dropped from 65 to 35 with just letting out a couple inches of water... I'm still baffled by this.
Anyway... I have 4lb of stabilizer in a skimmer sock sitting in my skimmer right now and it dawned on me that if this glorified pantyhose in my skimmer busts or gets eaten by the acid in it, I'm going to have a skimmer pipe full of stabilizer. Should I be worried about this?



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Jun 11, 2017
Bloomington Indiana
I think most recommend you to hang it on the outside/in front of the skimmer on the pool side. Most likely to avoid exactly what you are describing. In the past I have added Stabilizer directly to the skimmer slowly pouring it in. You still have your skimmer basket installed, so any "chunks" should be clogged by the basket but as we all know, anything is possible.

Also keep in mind, it is suggested to round up your CYA test results to the next 10, so 35 equals 40.

I do not think I would be concerned but that's easy for me to say, I would relocate it when I got home just to get that extra reassurance.


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May 11, 2014
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When adding, I use a regular sock, but do drop it in the skimmer. Once it gets wet you can usually squeeze it every 20 minutes or so and get it dissolved quickly.


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I would not put the sock in the skimmer. CYA is pretty acidic. Hang in front of a return and give it a squeeze when you have a moment. This is assuming you have a suction side skimmer. If a quick skim (return side), you should be just fine.