CYA in a saltwater pool?


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Aug 30, 2019
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I recently (2 months) purchased a house with a salt water pool. 23000 gallon in ground plaster pool. My water looks great and I'm slowly getting the hang of my chemicals.
The local pool store I go to has been telling me my CYA levels are low at 55 and want me in the 60-80 range and selling me liquid CYA. I realized that granulated is WAY cheaper and am moving towards this route. My Chlorine level is a little high and I have been turning down my Chlorine generator a bit each week to try to get to a ideal level.
My understanding is that CYA helps your Chlorine to stay longer in the pool. If my Chlorine levels are high why exactly would I need more CYA to maintain my Chlorine???
Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Divin Dave

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Oct 2, 2013
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Hi 23,
welcome to TFP. You dont necessarily need your CYA any higher. If your SWG is keeping the FC at the right level - per TFP recommendation - then its fine.

And your understanding of CYA is correct.

I suspect the Pool Store will tell you that with CYA at any level, your FC should be 3, which is exactly wrong. The correct FC is a % of the CYA is. On the low side of the range its, 7.5. On the upper side it's 11.5. Thats for a Non Salt pool. The Salt Pool varies by a little, but the principal is still the same. Its a %, and not a specific number.