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Sep 11, 2020
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Hi everyone! I am new and glad I found this site. I have a two year old in ground pool 14,400 gal/gunite having chemical issues. Yes I used pool store testing until recently things weren’t making sense. My problem is CYA level is reading approx 125, FC level appox 8-9, PH is 8 and TA is 100 all using test strips. Ordered Taylor 2006c but won’t arrive til end of month. I had been using trichlor stabilized 3” tabs in a chlorinator, all trichlor tabs are removed and have liquid chlorine to use when needed.
I am scheduled for pool closing early last week in September. I know I need to drain my pool to bring down CYA level but since I’m so close to closing for the winter should I wait till opening next season to see what the levels are? If I should drain now, how much do you recommend I drain to bring me to a correct level.

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Welcome! :wave: If you end up closing before the K-2006C arrives, I would just close. Without the test kit, everything would just be guessing. You'll lower the water a bit to clear the lines which will help some. Lower the pH and increase the FC to an elevated level and leave it until spring. Remember on the FC/CYA Chart, even if your CYA was 100 (yours is probably higher) you can take the FC quite high (39). If you have a company closing for you, they will probably look at you like you're crazy for considering such a high FC level, but it's a safe.
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