CYA and weight vs. oz.


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Aug 26, 2007
I am adding CYA to my pool and going from a level of 0ppm to a target of between 30 and 40ppm. I see where the pool calculator says in my 14000gal pool that I need about 78oz. of CYA. I have so far got 3 pounds of CYA in the dissolving stage. Can I assume that 3lb.s of CYA is = to 48 oz.? Sorry if this is such a stupid question :oops:

The Mermaid Queen

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Mar 28, 2007
Northern KY
If you roll the cursor over the 78oz value, you will get a more 'useful' value in the box next to 'size' or 'temp', where it says "mouse over a field for detail"