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Jun 9, 2014
Marietta, GA
So, for the second year in a row, my CYA dropped to zero over the winter. It never did this before, and who knows why. That being said, I think last year, I remember putting the dry stabilizer in a sock and hanging it over the edge in front of a jet, which seemed to only take a few hours per sock load. This time, I read on TFP to put in sock and drop in skimmer, but this method doesn't seem to be as quick. After an hour or so, the sock has ballooned up about 2x original size, and doesn't really look like it is releasing anything into the water. Any thoughts/guidance?

Also, not sure where to mention this, but I just purchased a Pentair Warrior SI from Margaret at Marina Pools, and she is awesome. She spent 30 minutes on the phone explaining everything I needed to know about the robotic cleaners, and answered all my questions. I was so confused about the buying process, and differences in models, as well as all the rebranded models made by Maytronics, and she cleared up all the confusion. Can't wait for my new helper to arrive!


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Jun 28, 2017
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Yes I too have read both methods suggested here. I use the sock suspended in front of the return and away from the wall myself. It dissolves rapidly, especially if massaged periodically.
I'll bet there are several ways to skin a cat too. :stirpot:
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