CYA addition effect on Total chorine reading


Aug 2, 2020
Montreal Canada
Good Day All,

Yesterday added about a 1/2 cup of stabilizer to the pool with the sock method in the skimmer basket to creep it up into the ideal range, this evening it is all dissolved, so decided to do a test with a test strip (Aquacheck 7), total chlorine comes out at 10 and free chlorine is at 5, usually free and total are the same between 3 and 5, all other parameters are within range and water is clear. It is a 5500 Gal inground Fiberglass pool with SWG. Is this a normal reaction?
Note living in Canada and will not pay the crazy prize to get a Taylor kit on this side of the border, I will eventually make it to the US and get something when I am there.

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We understand the challenges those in your area have when it comes to purchasing a recommended test kit. The Aquastrips however simply don't gvei us an accurate depiction of your water test results. Not your fault, just a fallacy of the strips themselves. The stabilizer however is just cyanuric acid with some very minimal other ingredients. There is no chlorine in stabilizer. However you do have a salt pool. So if the CYA was too low, the recent addition may be protecting the FC better in your water thereby allowing it to build a little higher. This is speculation of course without a proper test kit, but it's one possibility.
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