CYA 0-10


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Aug 10, 2019
FC 4
CC 0
Ph 7.5
TA 60
Water Temp 84
12x24 above ground / heated
Ok - yes I went away for 10 days- my youngest
Added chlorine and tested levels - first time for her so we stuck to chlorine and ph while I was away -
Pool is crystal clear .
I forgot to log CYA last time I tested July 8th but on june 16 it was 50 .
We ve had extremely hot humid sunny weather for weeks -
And hard Heavy rains Where I literally opened up to waste and dumped water for 30 minutes to keep my above ground pool from seriously over flowing or collapsing 🤦‍♀️
could the rain ,heat and seriously dumping water 5 ? Times over past 3-4 weeks remove/ dissipate/ degrade the CYA from 50 to 0?
Of course I gave a friend if one of my kids my huge bucket of pucks ( cause I m a believer !!)🤦‍♀️
ordered stabilizer - will add Friday but what am I missing ? Other than sigh - testing CYA as religiously as I test everything else ?
Oh and TA has been going down too
Thanks as always !!


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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
Dilution affects CYA greatly. I calculated you have about 9,000 gal pool If you drained 50% , plus rain, etc. then CYA could have lowered by 50%. For every foot of water equals 2,100 gals which is 23% of your pool volume. Hope this helps.