CSI is good however ...


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Apr 25, 2020
Oro Valley, AZ
Wanted to check thoughts on if CSI is good should I be concerned with my PH / TA results ? Today I my PH was 8.2 or looked to be and my TA was 40 when it turned reddish , 50 if I count when it was bright red - Either way the calculator showed > 0.08 CSI , which is balanced - Should I mess with the 8.2 or 40/50 TA ? In Tucson so water is getting like 64 degrees so just really hot tub season for me - thanks BTW - 1st year using this site and went almost all year with bleach and the pool looked and still looks fantastic ! -


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Feb 6, 2015
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Your TA is probably 50. With the TA and CH tests, you continue to add drops until the last drop make no difference in the color - and then subtract the last drop. TA in the range 50-70 is good.

This is no way you have zero (0) salt in your pool. Did you enter that number or did the PoolMath app? If you don't have a salt test kit, I'd recommend you input 1000 for salt. Chlorine (and to a small extent, acid) add a bit of salt to your pool.

Your CYA of 30 is fine for the winter months, but consider raising it to 40 or 50 once it warms up again. This will help your FC burn off due to our intense sun.

Keep you CSI between 0.0 and -0.30 -- this will help prevent scaling as you CH continues to climb due to evaporation.

Keep your pH between 7.2 and 8.0 - as you're now at about 8.2, add enough to get you to 7.8


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Sep 29, 2018
Mesa, AZ
I do NOT have a SWG. However, I have added salt along with my Chlorine sanitation program. This fall my salt PPM tests just over 3600. That is the # I put into the CSI calculation portion of the App. Does this manual input for my salt and overall CSI overide the "assumed" 1000 ppm?!?

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