CSI - Importance and how to keep within range


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Apr 13, 2017
Little Elm Texas

Those are my tests from yesterday.
I have a half a bag of salt I still need to add to get to 3200. Picking that up today.
But everything is within range, except PH is right there at the top.
Normally I would try and bump it down to 7.3 or so.
CSI said this was perfect.
if I bumped my PH down, I would go out of CSI.
Anything i did would put me out of the safe range.

So, how do I lower my PH, and but still stay within the normal CSI range? I tried different numbers, but it kept putting me less that -0.6

I read that we should not focus on this but my concern is that if my PH is ever lower than 7.8, I am going to ahve issues. It seems I should be within CSI range with a PH of 7.2 to 7.8.