CSI Help, -0.53


Jul 6, 2020
Sayreville, NJ
First time poster, longtime pool user, first time pool owner and water chemist.

That being said, I started off like all newbies and thought I was on the right track until I left for a long weekend and came back to an algae bloom. Could not get it under control. Used that opportunity to lower my CYA from 80 to 45. In the process of switching from TriC to Cal Hypo.

Either way, I was hoping someone can help me to understand why I have a CSI score of -0.53. Being new to water chemistry and the app, I feel I am one mistake away from -.60 or worse. I am thinking it is my PH/TA ratio. When I bring my PH to 7.6, my TA raises to 130~140. But, this is just my guess. Most everything looks fine to me.
my number can be seen in my profile, I presume.

Also want to say thank you to everyone of the users before me, this forum has been a real eye opener for me. Engineer by trade, knowing how to do something the correct way is in my nature.