Crystal Clear Water - Chems out of whack!?


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Jul 3, 2010
N.W. Indiana
Alright, got my TF-100 and tested my pool because of suspected high CYA creating problems. Here are the results. Not sure what to tackle first. Got clear water...but I know the below stats are not real good. Thanks for the assistance in advance.

20,000 gal
In-Line Chlorinator
3" tabs

FC 2.5
CC 1
TC 3.5
pH 6.8
T/A 70
CH 200
CYA 110
Temp 88


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Nov 18, 2009
Sacramento, CA
Throw away the pucks...50-60% drain and refill to get CYA down...then retest and repost.

Your pH of 6.8 is very low, and since it is at the bottom of the test scale it may actually be much lower than 6.8. If you are going to drain and refill immediately you can fix it after you refill. Otherwise you should bring the pH up with borax. Since you really don't know how low it is it may take much more borax than you think.

Your FC is low, and presence of CC indicates a need to shock. This will be next to impossible with CYA > 100.

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