Creature in pool ~ Identification?


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May 1, 2010
New London, Wisconsin
Hi all ~
Our Hayward pump motor froze up at the end of the 2011 season. Lesson learned for not resolving that issue right away. I have been waiting for it's repair since taking it in on April 4th!

In the meantime, I've been adding chlorine every few days to kill the green. The pool looks MUCH better than on 2011 opening.

However, I've discovered this morning, there are creatures enjoying it that I've not seen it past years.

I THINK they are dragonfly nymphs but not sure. Can anyone help verify what they are? The frogs don't survive the chlorine additions, but these are. So maybe higher dose? Or something else until my pump is ready and I can vacuum and filter?

Thanks for any input!
Jule in Wisconsin




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May 1, 2010
New London, Wisconsin
Good morning folks! Need some help. After TWO MONTHS of hearing "next week" for the return of our pump motor we got it back on June 6th.
Since I'd been told initally it would only take a week to fix, I filled the pool enough to compensate for the expected water loss when finally being able to vacuum to waste.
After doing this, I could still see the bottom and over winter yuk that's typical for out uncovered pool.
When motor didn't show as expected I tried to keep enough chlorine/bleach in it to keep it relatively clear, but it got away from me and turned the nice green you see in the photo above.

Got the pump motor back on June 6th, vacuumed to waste for two day days.
Stopped getting stuff in the pump basket so thought it was time for filters.
DH didn't save last years cartridge filters, so had to put in brand new ones. 14 T380's at a cost of $88.00. I've been using basket buddies in the skimmer to keep some of the crud from the filters.

I've rinsed the filters a few times already and had pool store tests done, because my test kit stuff is not new this year.
Is it okay or not okay to use last years Taylor test kit chemicals? With the acception of the CYA readings, the other tests do what's expected.

On 6/20 I purchased more shock so I had store do a water test:
Their results:
Sat indx: .5
CYA: 20
Tot Chlorine: 1.2
Free Chlor: .7
PH >8
Total Alk: 150
Adj Alk: 144

According to them, I added 1.5 lbs of lo-n-slo to reduce PH
and 1 gallon shock.
Did that, but entered their numbers into the pool calc and it said to added more shock, so I added another gallon.

This morning MY test numbers are:
FC: 13.5
CC: .5
TC: 15
TA: 160-170
Cal Hard: 80
CYA: full tube on halfs the dot diameter

Can I trust my numbers?

Biggest question:
I vacuumed this morning and this is what my filters look like: What IS the gray matter? I've seen bits of it, but never this much.