Crazy idea to reduce CH


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Apr 20, 2012
I was just sitting at work, reading the boards with nothing better to do and I got to thinking.......

When the ph gets high in my pool (7.8 to 8.0), i get white flakes on the SWG cell and they flake off when the cell reverses polarity. From what I have read, the flakes are primarily calcium.

What if I intentionally let the ph get high so this occurs, and I put a sock in front of the returns to catch the flakes?

Haven't I caught the calcium and thus reduced the CH?

Not that I need to, my CH is where I want it right now, but just a thought???


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May 19, 2010
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Would that not also run the risk of the calcium scaling the entire pool? Not just the SWG? ... might be a pretty fine line to tread.