Crawdads put a hole in my above ground liner 1 day after being installed


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Aug 15, 2019
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We just recently purchased a 33 foot above ground pool. A day after it was installed, we had a hole in our liner. The installers and my husband and I were talking and we mentioned that we had crawdads. It had been extremely dry, so there was no site of the holes mounds. I called Watson's, the salesman said eh would have the installers out within the week. He said they would replace the liner and refill the pool. Upon removal of the liner, they discovered a bunch of live crawdads and multiple tunnels and mounds. They said they had no idea how to remedy the situation and that it was not under warranty for this. We just spent 10k on a pool, 27k gallons of water and 10 tons of sand. They are telling me I am SOL now. Any recommendations of getting rid of these crawdads so we can use our pool?


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Jan 17, 2012
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Ouch... i can't even imagine!?
How about laying a cement foundation down to put the pool on? You can lay padding on top of the cement to soften the foot feel.

Otherwise, welcome to TFP. I hope you'll keep us updated on how you manage this problem. And I hope if any other problem arises you'll find your answer here too!

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You are not the first ...

An idea from here - Once the sod is removed, spread lime over the bare ground and wash it into the soil. Make sure it is covered well with sand or vermiculite when the pool is built. This tends to ‘sour’ the soil and while I am not guaranteeing that it is a sure-fire remedy, it usually drives the unwanted critters away.


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I'd do as Allen suggested and then use a Gorilla or Armor Shield pad under it.

You could also do somewhat as Maddie suggested but instead of pouring a cement slab, just sprinkle a good amount of portland cement over the ground and then water it in good. That will create a more solid surface that the dads don't like. And it's mostly lime so it covers Allen's suggestion as well.