Cracks in Gunite


Jan 31, 2021
Victoria, TX
This is an awesome Forum. I have learned a lot just by searching through threads.

Our gunite was shot a little over a month ago. On the side of one of the steps there is a crack that runs up the side. On the top of the step there is a smaller crack that radiates in an oval shape up over the step. They aren't directly connected, but they seem to create a line from the larger crack.

There are also indentations left from where one of the gunite crew stepped on each step. On the inside edge there are very small cracks there as well.

Finally, the tile guys used the steps as a backstop when they were cutting the tiles and cut into the steps. I am less worried about this, but it is poor workmanship for sure.

Our PM hasn't been here to inspect the gunite or tile/coping but should be here on Friday. Is this something that should be fixed because it can cause issues with the plaster later in the pools life? What would the proper fix be?


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