Cracks in every piece of coping


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Jan 15, 2021
Manhattan Beach CA
A year ago we had our pool built in Southern California. Everything seemed to go fine on the day the poured concrete coping was put in place, weather was ideal and work seemingly was done patiently but efficiently (although I have no real experience with concrete so take those comments for what they may be worth). Fast forward a year, there is now at least 1 crack in each piece of coping between the purposely placed lines. The same cracks exist on the ground level pool coping as well as the raised spa coping. Several of the cracks are now accumulating calcuim so needless to say, it doesn’t look so wonderful. I’ve spoken to our contractor, he says this is all normal. I find that hard to believe. We also have large poured concrete squares surrounded by artificial turf as our decking, which have no cracks (these were poured at a different time by the same contractor. Including several pictures in hopes someone can give some guidance as to what is or isn’t normal so I know how hard to push for this to get fixed. The contractor is currently suggesting we place stone over the coping as a fix which I believe would tie in nicely with the rest of the project but of course he wants to charge me for the additional labor and materials. Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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May 16, 2010
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You aren't going to stop concrete from cracking, but EVERY coping section cracking after only one year suggests something wasn't right with the ground preparation (and/or the concrete mix). See if he'll throw in the labor for the additional pavers if you pay for the materials - he should meet you half way on this.