Cracks, deck paint, etc

Mar 13, 2017
El Paso texas
Hello again, since my initial post I have had my pool drained and the tile blasted clean, it had a lot of scale.

I'm acid washing it tomorrow and studied a lot of YouTube videos so I feel up to it. My brothers helping so it will go faster. I hope to fix some minor cracks in the deck and paint it later this week, fix some loose grout then start filling by the end of the week.

Now here's the thing, the pool is going on 3 weeks since I drained it. I would have been further along but the tile guy got delayed in coming out. Today I rinsed down the pool and noticed some crack lines in the plaster. It's not cracked through but you see the shadow lines if that makes sense. Am I in trouble here?

No big big temperature swings here and it's the first time it's been drained a in 8 years. You hear that pools should never be drained because they can crack but if you do how long can a pool stay empty without adverse affects?

FYI, no water table to worry about and we also sit in the hills so to speak so water drains away from us, plus in west Texas right now we haven't seen any good rain to speak of in awhile.

Now the deck paint, any recommendations on paint. I intend to fully prep the deck to get good results so looking for input on paint selection.

Lastly what effect will the newly acid washed plaster have on chemical levels once I fill it. This will be my first time following this method of maintaining my pool so curious about this.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks for looking.