Crackling sound from jet, air in line??

Jul 21, 2007
The Right Coast
This is our first season with a pool. It's a 10K gallon inground with a sand filter. We added salt after reading many positive posts in regards to chlorine pools with salt, and we're very pleased with the results. We love our pool!

Recently there has been a crackling-type sound coming from the jet near the stairs, and it looks like it might be air coming out with the water. I tried backwashing and rinsing last night, and it did stop, but this morning it started again.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please describe where I will find any parts that you mention in your replies, as I am not familiar with the names of all the different parts of the pool and filter. I hired someone to come out and teach me when we opened the pool, but he was a jerk---took my money and only said 2 (rude) words the whole time he was here!

Thank you so much!!

~Judy in NJ


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Apr 4, 2007
SW Indiana
Air coming from the return is a sign of a leak between the pool and the inlet of the pump. There is a strainer basket that is at the pump inlet to catch debris. Many times the lid for the basket is loose, causing the bubbles. That's the first thing to check.


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May 8, 2007
Katy, TX
Also check your skimmers to make sure the skimmer door (weir) is moving freely and that there is no vortex (sucking of air) in the skimmer.
Jul 21, 2007
The Right Coast
I checked out your suggestions

There doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary going on in the skimmer basket. So I cleaned off the lid where the other basket is and around the gasket (is that the rubbery part into which the lip of the lid fits?). Then I took the gasket (?) out and I put a fat thread of lubricant all the way around where it goes, then stuck it back in. Right now there's no more crackling sound.

I will report back later tonight or tomorrow if it returns.

Thank you all very much!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer!!