Cracked light Niche - Please help.


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Apr 21, 2017
I have an in ground gunite pool. My pool was installed 14 months ago. During start up, it was realized there was a leak. The pool installer stated leaks often happen upon start up and it's not a big issue. They sent out a tech and I was told there was some additional sealing that had to be done around the light. No big deal. Well, the pool has started to leak again so I had a leak detection company do an inspection. Turns out the original leak was due to a crack in the light niche. The pool installer covered it up with silicone but now the crack is extending. The leak company is stating any additional sealing is just a temp fix and the crack will continue to spread. The only way to fix this is to dig up my brand new deck and replace the light niche from outside the pool at a cost of about $2,000. Of course, the pool installer is saying the warranty has expired.

#1 - I believe the pool installer is at fault for failure to disclose the crack in the niche when they delivered the pool. Please let me know your thoughts.
#2- Any input on whether or not I need to replace the light niche or are their other methods of sealing the crack that could last long term.

The pictures I have attached show the original sealing that was done by the pool installer. I have placed a red circle to highlight the area where the crack is spreading.

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Apr 19, 2013
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Wow that's not good.

I see the leak detection company's point.

A couple of idea's:

1. Drill through the end of the crack and glue the crack together with a solvent type plastic cement. Force some of the solvent cement into the crack. Place a piece of plastic over this with the solvent. You need to be careful and keep the conduit clear. This is based on how you would repair a comparable fiberglass crack.

2. Why can't they come in from the pool side and remove the niche and replace. Ok it requires draining the pool which is not good. But you are in Florida the plaster will get rain or you can water it down twice a day. If done by someone with some skill I think that would end up with a better result.

3. Tell your builder that your warranty was in place when you reported the crack. If he would like to talk further you can at the mandatory Florida small claims pre trial mediation hearing. This crack is on him.


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Apr 21, 2017
Thank you for your response. I will definitely look into the plastic cement option. I was told removing from the front was not possible, but I will rediscuss with them.

I originally reported the crack to the installer upon fire up of the pool. They sealed the crack 14 months ago. I just reported the leak last week. Installer is saying warranty expired after 12 months. I think this will end up in small claims.

Thanks again.