crack in fountain rock. Scaling? Help!


Aug 31, 2010
Hey Guys,

Just bought a house with a ~8 year old pool. It's a pebbletec, in Phoenix AZ.

There is some pretty nice rock work around the edges, but unfortunately there is a rather large crack where some pieces have actually chipped away.

Whats the best way to deal with the cracks? Fill it up with silicone sealant? Get a masonry guy to come in and do his thing?

Also, it seems as if there is scaling above the water line. I got in there this weekend with a large pumice stone from the pool store and it barely made a dent. Is there a way to acid wash just the rim of the pool without draining it? Would my time/money be better spent calling in a specialist?

Thanks in advance, love the forum. Been enjoying learning about all the pool chemistry stuff and the BBB method :goodjob:



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Oct 29, 2009
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Can't help with the cracks, sorry. Is that a real rock that's built into the wall, or is it an imitation rock product spread over something else?

As for the scale above the water line, a spray bottle filled with diluted acid will work, if you've got some time to kill! Get yourself a stiff brush, a stiff drink, and slowly work your way around, alternating spraying the scale and brushing it. Is it only on your rocks, or on the tile too? The tile in the picture looks pretty clean.


Aug 31, 2010
it's not real rock, it's concrete made to look like real rock. The guy at the pool store recommended a concrete patch type product.

The tile isn't bad, but there is a little bit of scaling.

Thanks for the feedback.