Crack in filter housing


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Jul 27, 2019
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I noticed today my pool filter dripping water. Not from the bottom plug, or from the center sealing ring, but from underneath. I could not see or feel anything dripping down the sided. I feel with my fingernail what appears to be a crack under neath in the housing. Bummer. Here are some pictures of my current filter. What is it? I do know it is a DE filter. Based on my info in my signature, what model filter would you recommend as a replacement? Are the inlet outlet openings standard in their placement so no additional plumbing work is required? Thank you in advance.


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That is a bummer if it's cracked and not just seeping down from that plunger valve. The pic won't let me zoom-in so I can't see the filter details. If you replace it, now is a good timer to consider all options. Not all filters use the same in & out plumbing size, and since you currently have a plunger valve, I would assume that set-up will change anyways. If you stick with DE (or go sand) I would recommend going with a multiport valve instead. If you go with a larger 4-cartridge filter, the MPV won't apply but other plumbing changes will. This is just one of those times where you step back and contemplate the entire design and flow of your pad, consider all accessories (i.e. SWG), connections, valves, and unions for easy disconnect later, etc.