Cover recommendation for large, odd shaped pool with brick wall.


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Jun 7, 2019
Looking for recommendations for a new cover, as the one that came with this pool when we bought the house had holes in it (it was a glorified tarp really, amazed it was being used as a pool cover).

I was originally thinking having a safety cover made, but with the brick wall very close to the left side of the pool, I don't see anywhere they could put the anchors (unless they could somehow plant them in the brick wall?)

See photo, thanks for your recommendations!


Mr Bruce

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Mar 24, 2014
Greenville, SC
I think there is enough room on the left* but what about on the bottom? Is there any room between that raised part and the pool deck?

*You'd have to shorten the straps all the way and attach the left side first, right side second and work your way down. Two person job.