Couple potential issues


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Jun 26, 2022
Richland Center, WI
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Salt Water Generator
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Solaxx (Saltron) Reliant / Purechlor R5
Looking for advice.. 15x30x54 oval. I have two round end uprights that are slightly pulled out of plumb with filling. They are more than 1/8 but less than 1/4 out of plumb. This is side to side on the top side of them. Everything is good in and out. Straight side supports are on the money. The ones that are slightly out absolutely will not move at this point. The cuffs are level and well supported.

The other issue is that my helpers installed the stainless service panel with one side(behind the upright) on the outside of the steel wall. Turned my back on them for 1 second and boom, did the opposite of what I told them. I didn't notice it until last night. The instructions say it was to be installed from the inside. The wall bars are on their correctly. Pool is rated to be half buried but we will not be doing so. In my head I can not some up with a reason the strength would be different and everything lined up ok. I really do not want to drain this thing and the massive headache it would be to change it. Am I worrying about nothing or is this a disaster waiting to happen?
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