Could low CH levels be causing cloudy water?


Jul 3, 2011
East Providence, RI
Hi Folks,

I've got my numbers and I had a question around CH levels. In the interest of full disclosure there are several problems with my pool. I've got a leak I can't locate and as a result am adding a lot of water, which means I'm loosing the treated water and diluting with freshwater. I fully understand that isn't ideal and will be digging in as the days go on.

BUT, my water was beautiful the last few days and cloudy when i woke up. I tested early in the AM with the short test and it showed no chlorine. Added @2.5 gallons and let that filter for a few hours and did the long test. Numbers are as follows:
FC: 7
CC: .5
TC: 7.5
pH: 7.2
T/A: 100
CH: 100
CYA: 0

Now, I can't seem to keep CYA in the pool and I think that's because of the leak. As a result I am using a TON of chlorine because I'm constantly adding fresh water/ Vicious cycle that's costing lots of time and money.

My hunch is the cloudiness is from not holding stabilizer and as a result not holding chlorine appropriately. Maybe this morning it was just all used up.

But I've read pool school and I'm struggling to understand if that CH level a problem?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I'm going to start taking some measurements and closing up the skimmers/returns tonight to help find the leak. Separate thread for that adventure. I have some pictures of our last attempt to find the leak.....