Could epsom salts cause the pump to seize


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Apr 27, 2012
Grand Rapids, MI
Is there any way using Epsom salts in a hot tub would cause the pump to seize? My tech seemed to think it was a no-no...after he replaced my 15-yr-old hot tub pump that seized very shortly after I'd added Epsom salt. So I've avoided it, but it could have been coincidental....


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
No, that doesn't make any sense. There are ways that epsom salt could aggravate some other pre-existing problem. For example, if you already had a shaft seal leak spraying water onto the bearings, epsom salt would have made that situation worse. But in that situation it would have failed in not too long regardless.

Epsom salt, like regular salt, increases the corrosiveness of the water just a little bit. However, all of the components normally in contact with the water should be able to handle that no problem.


Aug 4, 2014
Placentia, ca.
Just curios but how much did you put in? Just considering I need #300 of solar salt when ever I refill my pool I don't know what a little Epsom would do in the Jacuz but what do I know.