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Hola from sunny, hot Costa Rica, My AQR15 Hayward Aqua Rite w/ 40K TurboCell SWG controller has apparently "died"...the control unit has no green lights at all, although there is power to the block and the fuse is OK.

Starting to get a green bloom and will be switching to chlorine tablets. I've only done this once several years ago, when we hadn't been here for a few months and our "pool boy" had gotten sick and left us without service or knowledge there of.

If I remember, at the time, I shocked the pool, added granular chlorine and tabs to the Pentair Rainbow 300 Off-Line Tablet Chlorinator. I seem to recall that I got rid of the "green" and let it sit for about a week with the pump running on a regular cycle, but with the SWG turned off. Once all that seemed OK, I went back to the SWG.

Only minor problems with Black Algae since, but it was under control until this we've got black and green

Advice sought, as I will be leaving in a week and want to leave it on Chlorine until we return in July. Will probably leave it on Chlorine until December as the rainy season here makes it very hard to keep up with the salt




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Feb 13, 2016
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I have been using a pressure washer with a turbo nozzle to get the remnants of black algae off my walls. Have to get very close for it to work. I would recommend a good dose of liquid chlorine (ideally using numbers from a test kit) or cal-hypo if LC isn't available, at least it won't add CYA like pucks will

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This will be tough if its anything like I'm picturing, most certainly the black Algae. Can you tell us more about the pool, and what sort of testing and Chlorine sources you have at your disposal Richard?

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