Cost to maintain 4/21- present


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May 28, 2021
Waynesville, NC
Pool Size
Liquid Chlorine
$200 Liquid CL in varying percentages ~30gallons and 8 bags of Cal hypo
$20 baking soda ~24 lbs +/-
$150 boric acid/borax ~50lbs of boric acid, 20 lbs of borax
$50 MA~ 10 gallons
$16 CYA~ 8 lbs
$436 total
Next year my costs will just be CL to maintain and maybe $10-$20 for borax and acid. This was a new fill. I will probably need 10 more gallons of CL this year. It’s starting to cool off now. It’s swimmable until October if it’s hot out. I don’t cover my pool to retain heat so I’m losing 2-4 degrees a week now. I will close in October when it’s down in the 50’s in daytime. The sun is so low that it won’t heat the pool.
*I miscalculated the baking soda and as a result had to buy a Crud ton of acid.


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Jul 3, 2013
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CircuPool SJ-40
Starting out with new water can be a little expensive getting it where it needs to be... You had the added cost of Borates that are awesome.. :)
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