cost per sq/ft for paver install?


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Jan 18, 2016
Tucson, AZ
I am going to be getting bids to add about 770 sq/ft total of travertine pavers to our project. About 450 sq/ft will be laid on top of existing flat concrete patio and the rest will be on installed in the yard that extends the patio up to the pool coping. I've priced the travertine at about $4.80 sq/ft for a cost of about $4k. Does anyone have any estimates on what I can expect for install on a project like this?Thanks!-J


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Jul 7, 2013
NJ. 18 sf for good materials and install. That's why I went with stamped.

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May 26, 2016
Frisco, TX
Gold Medal Pools, Frisco, TX charged me $16/ft for standard selection travertine pavers and $25/ft for a third of it because it will require a turndown beam to do it properly.

Frank Rizzo

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Nov 13, 2015
Woodland Hills, CA
My guy was slow, so it was under $10/ft for paver installation only and that included removing the excess soil to get the grade correct. I paid directly for the low-boy roll off dumpsters 3x$475 to haul off the dirt, and for the base and sand when they were dropped off (I worry about liens) so that was another $2k. The installer Included the cost of the coping and they had to re work the surface drains. I bought the pavers and coping myself and they were about $5/ft. There was about 1800 sf of paving.


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Aug 24, 2014
I paid $12.50 for pavers and install and the pavers (Inca Techo Block) were about $6.50 so the labor was about $6/sq ft


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Sep 8, 2013
We put in 3,000 sq. ft. of travertine and the cost was $10 per square foot. This was material and labor in South Texas


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Jun 4, 2016
Houston, TX
I'm still negotiating with my PB for a new pool. He's quoting $23+ a sq ft for travertine pavers installed over sand. I know that the material retails for about $6.50 a sq ft including the crazy shipping prices from Travertine Mart.

French Pattern Tumbled Silver Travertine Pavers

He also wants $23 a sq ft. to install travertine TILE over an existing concrete back porch, which I think is a bit much.

I'm in Houston, TX - what have others experienced?


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Jun 4, 2016
Houston, TX
Gold Medal Pools, Frisco, TX charged me $16/ft for standard selection travertine pavers and $25/ft for a third of it because it will require a turndown beam to do it properly.
Which travertine did you use? We are looking at silver tumbled in a french pattern from Keystone Tile - and our PB is telling us $23+ a sq. ft. I think he's charging a bit too much.


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Sep 13, 2015
Dallas Texas
14.50 sf over sand in Frisco, TX for dark walnut. 1.20 more for laying over concrete in some places where we have concrete already down as part of the house foundation.


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Jul 8, 2015
Houston TX
I paid $ 15.25 per square foot for white marble travertine. After seeing pavers being installed, I can see that this is back breaking work. All thoughts of doing it myself had fortunately vanished in time.

The preparation of the base is labor intensive. Moving the materials is labor intensive. Grading the area is skill and labor intensive. Cutting the pavers is skill, time and labor intensive.

I know I might have paid a few dollars more per square foot - but in my opinion, PB should be allowed to make a few shekels to warranty and co-ordinate the work. PB also lays the cash out upfront for the pavers and is responsible for all breakages, etc.

My cost per sq foot also included tying 5 downspouts and connecting them to an underground 4 inch pipe to the edge of the property. Included making travertine covers for the skimmers and autofill. Included removal of excess material and packaging materials ( kept a few tiles of all sizes as spare).

All things considered, if the final product end up looking great, its worth every penny. This was probably the best 16K I spent on the pool. It was also the only decision that my wife and I kept second guessing because of the cost. The entire look of our pool was enhanced with the pavers.


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May 17, 2017
Margaretta, OH
Having a private pool with the paving stone material will give our home a smooth, elegant and modish look.
Recently my neighbor had remodeled their pool area by building up an amazing pathway of paving stones near their pool area by hiring the
best asphalt company on Long Island who had installed a colored stone paver which has created a beautiful atmosphere around their pool area. If you are asking about the cost per sq/ft for paver installation, so I will ask my neighbors about the whole installation cost and I will let you know about it.