Corroded Conduit


Nov 6, 2017
Ojai CA
Bought the house in 1985. Pool installed 1988. Last week I started to dig for an irrigation line. Immediately came across a corroded metal conduit. What the ...? I knew that area had no lights or other electrical. Found the original approved pool plans. It showed the conduit path was where I was digging (and then buried behind the pool all the way to the pool panel at the far end). But literally zero cover near the gate? Some of the conduit had corroded clear through so I could see at least two wires. But my non-contact voltage tester did not indicate a live wire. I called an electrician. His tester did not beep either. But he peeled away some of the rigid (RMC) but now-very-thin steel to expose more wire. Then the tester went crazy. Pump still working, so the wire's insulation is still intact and has not shorted out. Tomorrow he comes back with his crew to run 200' of new conduit/wire from the main panel, through the garage, under the house crawl space, under the raised deck, to the pool panel. None of it buried, all accessible, to current code. Then cut/abandon old conduit. For over thirty years dozens of contractors have trod their feet and wheel barrows and other equipment over this zero-cover conduit. I cannot believe I never noticed. I have the original signed inspection card. I assume that inspector and the original contractor have retired. I was working and traveling a lot back then (to pay for the pool!) so obviously I did not catch the cover deficiency at the time.



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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
A lot has changed in code requirements and acceptable electrical practices in 30 years.

That line could have originally been buried deeper and erosion and ground shifting brought it to the surface.