Correct Plumbing of pool/Spa with in floor cleaning


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Nov 29, 2020

We have a pool that includes a Quick clean in floor system, sand filter, salt chlorinator, solar heater and gas heater all running off an intelliflo pump. I am interested in some feedback on the way the system has been plumbed in.

On the suction side the water comes in either through the skimmer box or the main drain via the leaf basket and through the pump. It then hits a T join, on one side is the in-floor valve system, on the other side is the filter. The in-floor seems to be separate to everything else whilst the filter flows through to the solar on the roof bi-pass, gas heater bi-pass and the salt chlorinator then to the returns. For clarity the in-floor system is not in line with the rest of the system.

When the in floor cleaning is running, 3/4 of the water goes to the in floor system whilst the other 1/4 goes through the filter.

I'm looking for some feedback as to whether this is sounds like a correct setup.


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Post a few picture of your equipment pad - a couple different angles showing the plumbing, pump, filter, etc. and a couple closeups of the water valve, leaf trap, filter, etc.

All water pulled from the pool thru the main drain and/or skimmer goes thru the pump into the filter to catch all the dirt and debris. The output of the filter should go to (thru a valve) to either the water valve or other parts of the system.

What is the brand name of your IFCS?
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