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Dec 15, 2009
So my pool has developed a fair amount of staining and I finally discovered it is copper staining from my ion system (I know, that is another topic). The "Copper and Scale Stuff" from Jacks Magic did a great job removing the stain but in order to do a full scale stain removal with it I must bypass the heater and run the pump for 48 hours, which I cant seem to do (the bypass, not the running of the pump).

Any other good alternatives for removing copper stains? I know AA will remove iron, will it remove copper as well?

many thanks!


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May 20, 2007
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No, not likely and sometimes can make the copper staining worse.

Can you provide some additional details about your pool? Put it in your signature - go to User Control Panel, then Profile, then Edit Signature.


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Jul 25, 2009
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Catoars, I hope you return with some more information. If your pool is concrete/plaster/tile then give up on your ioniser (what make) as avoiding staining is very unlikely, as you brush the walls of the pool you can expose fresh areas that have a high PH temporarily that will cause metals to drop out of suspension and potentially stain as will having a PH of 8.3 or higher.

This is generally less of a problem with vinyl liner pools but keeping a tight control on the copper level and PH is vital. so an accurate tester would also be needed.

As Jason and many others will continue to say you don't really need the ioniser at all if you follow BBB as decribed on this forum. I am continuing with my ioniser until the electrodes wear out at which point the unit will be removed as the total cost of the unit cannot really be justified against the benefits.

Frustratedpoolmom, that's a nice picture of your daughter :lol:


Dec 15, 2009
Hi all, thanks for the replies. I have added info to my signature, and yes I believe I am giving up on the ionizer. IU turned it off last week and am switching to chlorine.

Also, I called Jacks Magic and since I cant bypass my heater they said if I keep adding a half bottle of their "Blue Stuff" that my stains would go away, though it will take up to 6 or 8 weeks. Too bad as their green stuff knocked out the stains quickly and perfectly where I tested it, but since I cant bypass my heater I cant use it for the whole pool.

I am hoping that the Blue Stuff will work, as I do not want to drain and acid wash if I can avoid it.

Outside of switching to chlorine and possible acid washing, anything I can do? Those stains make me cringe every time I look at my pool!


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