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Jun 7, 2020
Hatfield PA
Looking for some advice - was going to use Jack's Stain Stuff to remove copper stains that are now present throughout our pool. They are only noticeable at night or early morning before the sun starts shinning on the pool. My main issue is that I don't want to have to shut the pool down for up to 2 weeks to use the product. In addition, I need to change the pipe configuration to bypass my heater. I spoke with the Jacks magic rep and he suggested using a Passive approach with the purple stuff product until the end of the season. At that time, I can do the aggressive cleaning with their stain #2 to remove the copper stains. All in all, is their any other methods that would work without emptying the pool, acid-washing, and re-filling it? That could cost be a min. of $1200 just for the refill. Our pool is 28,000 gallons, white plaster, and the stains cover much of the pool floor and walls. It is sporadic but definitely covers a large portion of the pool. The Jack's magic rep mentioned that acid-washing also will reduce the life of the plaster vs. the safer Jack's product. Overall, I know there probably isn't an easy fix. I also still need to determine if my normal fill water is part of the copper problem. If so, I need to buy some type of filter system to eliminate the metals before they enter the problem when refilling during the summer season. The only other copper source is our heater. Again, the pool is only 2 years old so I don't know if that is truly an issue or not. We keep the pool balanced on regular basis according to TFP levels for salt water pools.


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May 3, 2014
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Once you remove the copper stains, you must drain the pool to remove the copper from the pool. Otherwise, it will stain again.
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