Coping Stones & Grout


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Jun 26, 2016
Boise, ID
Hi all. I've cleaned and reset our coping stones around the pool. I'm curious how best to go about grouting the 1" gap to the pool and the 1/2" gap between the coping stones. Attached photo. I have sanded grout for both the pool edge and another color for between the stones. Which one would you grout first, and how is it best done to avoid making a mess in the pool from the coping overhang? Thanks in advance!



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Aug 10, 2017
Morris Cnty NJ
I would caulk the underside and mortar the tops with a grout bag. If it's already grouted with tile grout it may fail again. What we do is take a piece of rigid insulation like 2x4ft and float it in pool and use bungee or an elastic and hook it to coping back or a fixed object pulling it tight to pool wall. Anything that falls ends up on floating foam board. Dump as you go around. We seal our coping before we do any of it to avoid portland residue that's left on the stones regardless if its precast or natural stones. On a small section you can tape it off too