Coping Stone Flaking


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Feb 13, 2019
Was this stuff a poor choice (by the previous owner) for coping stone? It is some kind of sandstone that is flaking off in layers. I've looked through the skimmer from the vacuum a few times, and it has been full of flakes from this stone. Is it typical for pool coping?

Since I've switched to a SWCG, I'm even more concerned about it eroding into the pool swiftly. I've seen several threads about sealing the coping stone recently. What is the stuff that is used for sealing?

A related question I'm curious about is what people do after a heavy rain? My temptation is to leave the extra water in the pool knowing that the coming hot days will evaporate if off. But that means several days of the water being at the coping stone and above the skimmer. That seems a poor choice for this fragile rock and, of course, the skimmer isn't working. Do you usually waste off some water after a heavy rain?

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Jul 7, 2014
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Looks like Texas Flagstone to me.. That is what it does..

Yours seems worse than mine, but I bet you have some stones that look fine, while the one next to it, is constantly shedding layers,

The problem is not the salt but the water. It is just poor quality stone.

If you let the pool water get high enough to get under the coping, it will just make things worse.


Jim R.