Coping repair cost estimate


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Mar 19, 2013
Southlake, TX
My pool is 7 years old and we have a good number of loose coping flagstones (a few are very loose) and evidence of cracked and missing grout in numerous places.

I want to fix this right away before winter. Pool info and location in my signature. Pics available if needed.

I have received a bid for $1,600 to repair and reset any loose flagstone coping tiles and replace any cracked grout. A second part of the same bid is for an additional $600 to replace all the mastic between decking and pool coping after the coping repair and grout work is done.

I have references and a referral for the contractor. But I am trying to determine way to check the reasonableness of his bid. Any suggestions other than finding other contractors and getting a bunch more bids?


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
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Get more bids for the same scope of work.


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May 16, 2010
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Lots of semi-skilled work is very location dependent. The only way to really know what the "market" rate is, is to get multiple estimates.
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