Coping pavers bonding glue leaching down my fibreglass shell


Feb 24, 2017
the paving guys who paved my bluestone paving tiles around the pool edge used a glue to help bond the paver to my fibreglass shell.
the only thing now being that my saltwater splashing up underneath the paving coping overhang and is making contact with the glue.
over a period of weeks / months the glue is slowing leaking ever so slightly down my fibreglass pool shell and leaving a white "calcium like" stain streak on the fibreglass exposed to the air, it stops when it reaches the water line.
obviously it's a very delicate process to rub this off like 10'000 soft cloth rubs (mega hrs of elbow grease in the one spot) to be effective as I cannot use anything abrasive and choice of cleaning agent has to be very careful as to not remove the protective layer on my fibreglass pool she'll.

the best thing I have found to be half effective is carefully using my karcher high pressure washer which breaks off / removes these micro millimetre thick stain lines....

anyone had this or has a better idea to remedy this permanently, as it keeps coming back.

i even used silicone gun in the exposed crack gap under the coping paving join to the fibreglass, but the glue still slowly slowly leaches through


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Jul 10, 2012
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OH NO! I have a sad for you :(

Share a picture and see if you can tell what kind of glue he used. There are some smart people on this board that might have some ideas.

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