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Jul 22, 2020
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Good afternoon everyone,

We installed our inground pool last year and have already fenced it in. We could not afford the coping/patio until this upcoming year and now need to tackle that.

We have a double roman 40'x20' steel wall/vinyl liner pool and about 6" to 8" of processed stone prepped and compacted around the pool. I know most say we need to install a concrete collar around the top of the pool wall (say 12" wide and 4 to 6" deep) for the foundation of the pool coping. Is this necessary? Does it need to be this wide and this deep?

I ask this because getting a concrete truck back there for this job will ruin the new lawn again and i'm considering digging the small trench around the pool and mixing bags with a normal mixer by hand to fill the trench in over the course of a few days.

Thoughts? Is this collar necessary....what is the required dimensions of the concrete collar to prep for coping etc.

Are there other ideas/suggestions on how to tackle this? The main patio will be Cambridge 24" x 36" stone not that this would matter unless there's a way to skip coping and put this stone right to the edge of the pool (but now cutting is almost impossible with a saw and i wouldn't have finished faces)


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Dec 26, 2019
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When they poured my deck around the pool, and my patio addition, they used motorized concrete dump buggy's to ferry the concrete from the truck to the back yard. The concrete trucks didn't want to back down my 120' concrete driveway and risk cracking it.



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Aug 10, 2017
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I've seen coping sitting on stone only, it didn't hold very long. I'm in freeze country some areas they actually do that. Here i use a 5" form and use PVC sheet ripped to 5" for curves. My collar depends on the coping. For 12" deep coping i use 10.5" from face of pool. I want my coping to overhamg the collar not be short of it. I use fibermesh and 3500 or better mix with plasticizer amd I also place a small boomerang of rebar in the top hole where panels meet up, its thin concrete there. I can't chance a coping issue it would cost me too much to go back amd fix. I've learned from seeing others mistakes, not worth skimping
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