Coping and decking replacement


New member
Jun 21, 2017
Oxford ma
Purchased a home in 2016 with a 16x32 pool that our pool company stated was probably built late 70s. So the coping is wide like what would be on an above ground pool which they no longer make I guess so we cannot replace the existing and also our concrete decking is caving inward slightly. Had a few companies come and look and they are quoting us $17,000 to replace the coping and redo the decking that is small, about 4ft around. They are all suggesting pavers and when I ask about different coping options and poured concrete I never hear back. We are hoping to spend about 10-12k to at least get the spot updated. Does anyone know any companies in the central Massachusetts area that would be willing to help? I find they are few and far between or don’t return my calls/emails. We redid the stairs and vermiculite bottom and new liner in 2017 so I was told the coping needs to be done soon while the liner is still new. I can post photos later if that is helpful but any info is appreciated as I am still new to this.

Thank you!