cooling system for new pool?


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Jun 25, 2009
Loogootee, IN
We will be getting a new above ground pool install next spring. Due to the hot weather this summer, we haven't used our old pool as much as we would have liked. kinda pointless to jump in a pool with 92 degree water.

Anyways, My wife popped the question about keeping our new pool cool. and made some suggestions. all of which I shot down except for one. And here I am to get a yay or nay. and possibly how to do it.

We have a 24x44 dry crawl space under our house which stays cool. my wife asked about running the filtered water through piping in the crawl space then back into the pool.

Is there actually a way this could actually work? my idea was having at least 100ft of piping in the crawl space. Would I need more piping? what kind of a pump would I need to run all of this? Would the filter pump alone be powerful enough to push the water?


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Jul 10, 2009
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I don't know if that would be enough to keep the pool cool. You could always try it with the current pool and see if it works. I think the current pump would have enough hp to do the job, but a 2 speed pump that you could run on low 24/7 may be better to provide enough exchange of warm to cool water. Many people have had good success with aerators and fountains to cool the water. The best way to keep the water cool is to provide shade for the pool. I hope to try one of these Sun Sails next summer to see if it helps keep the water temp down in July/August. My pool is sitting at 90 right now.


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May 7, 2007
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A simple fountain will get you a lot more cooling than thermal exchange over such a small area. Pools require massive amounts of heat/cooling, more than your entire house uses. You would quickly warm the crawl space up to the pool temperature, and then stop getting any further cooling.


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Apr 4, 2007
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I wouldn't worry about it. The weather around here this summer has been an anomaly, and most years you'll be wishing for warmer water even this time of year. In a normal year I seldom go a week without running my solar heat.


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Aug 20, 2009
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Edit I just noticed that description says "will not work on Intex pool. I imagine the only issue would involve an adapter at wall fitting. I just ordered a universal Fountain adapter kit mainly because it was $6.xx, free Prime shipping, and I'm really curious about it. I says it won't arrive until Sept though. ... m_dbs_ol_4

I purchased a little Splash fountain that seems to be keeping my water temp down. I keep it going 21/7 with gpm pretty low so the fountain is only spraying about 36" up. We've had air temps above 100 for two weeks now. Last night at midnight the air temp was still 87. Pool water has stayed below 90 as long as the water is kept moving.

When I run the vacuum cleaner the pump is running a pretty high rpms, with much increased flow, fo I get a spray about 10 ft high. But that is only for a couple of hours.

I still haven't decided for sure what I'm going to do with my dedicated pressure return and booster pump (I sold my Polaris 280 and using mostly the Aquabot for several hours daily which moves a lot of water too). I'm going to put the little fountain on that to see if fountain will withstand the high pressure/flow of the booster pump. If not I'll probably use all the fountain parts except for spray part and make a larger T like some of the people have done here.

Something that might be helping to keep my water cooler besides the near constant, great circulation, 10 ft deep end, and fountain is that my pipes to and from pumping station, short run, are several feet under ground as they go down the hill about 8 feet drop and are covered mostly by the railroad tie steps and several feet of dirt much of the way. The pumping station is also under the deck and doesn't get any sun on it. The big filter is out from under the deck but shaded from most of the sun.

The hook up parts for the fountain are really nice and "flexible" in directions for aiming the flow and the wall fitting is adjustable so that you can direct all water to fountain or various amounts by opening the port to various positions. Very easy to use.

Amazon had them for $12.xx but I kept getting emails that shipment would be delayed so I went ahead and purchase the $25 one. ... 461&sr=8-4

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