Cooler weather, more chlorine consumption?

Frank in FL

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Jul 3, 2019
Heres my test from 3 days ago....
FC 3.5
Alkalinity 75
CYA 65
PH 7.5
Hardness 450
Salt 3400

Heres my test now AFTER the OCLT

FC 2.5 (FC was 3.0 last night prior to OCLT test) Lost .5 chlorine in 10 hours
Alkalinity 80
CYA 55 (went down, I just added 3lbs stabilizer)
PH 7.8 (just added 22 oz acid)
Hardness 430
Pool temp is 81 deg

Just put the SWG on "boost" to hopefully bring the chlorine back up to where it needs to be..

Anyone know why im not holding chlorine?
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Jun 11, 2018
Verona, MO
.5 not a huge concern. +- error possibility with the test is that much.

7.8 ph within range so why add MA? My SWG pool likes it there.

CYA shouldn’t go down much unless replacing water somehow. Have heard that color q cya test a little erratic?

I would add liquid CL to get FC up right away and let SWG do maintaining.

Frank in FL

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Jul 3, 2019
.50 eliminates any algae growth from what I’ve read.
I’ve always bumped my ph back down when it gets 7.8+
Haven’t replaced any water. It’s been some what dry here in FL.

I’ve heard the color a can be temperamental. Honestly I’ve had no issues with it’s readings.
This chlorine issue started when weather within past month has cooled off somewhat.
Look like about 44oz of liquid chlorine should should bring it up to around 5ppm.