CoolDeck Question

Steve #1

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May 31, 2007
My sister is in the process of building a pool and a pool house / game room.

There is a good sized deck / patio. They were planning on putting cool deck on the deck part and staining the concrete patio area.

There are a couple areas where the concrete was not poured level and are holding up to 1/2" of water. These areas are about 2' X 10'.

The builder has offered two options.
1) remove the concrete and repour
2) Buildup the cool deck in the low spots.

1) They have been working on this since March and are ready to get the pool done. This will be another delay.
2) Parts of these low spots are in areas that were going to be stained, and not going to get cool deck.

Now for the question. Will there be issues with building up the cool deck such as cracking etc.

Any other suggestions?


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IMO I would have the builder redo the concrete. I know that it is a PIA and will create additional mess and waste more time before she gets to swim but she will be dealing with that problem throughout the remainder of ownership on the pool. However, that is JMO and I am sure others will join in the discussion and offer other advice. Keep us posted.