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Aug 23, 2021
Lexington, KY

I'm new to the forum so allow me some grace. I've never built a pool but have built room additions and such so I have construction experience. I want to subcontract my own pool. My idea is to do the excavation - I have equipment. contract someone to pour concrete bottom and walls with either traditional forms or ICF. Then line that structure with 60 mil PVC membrane instead of traditional vinyl liner. Subcontract to plumbing and electrical. I want to do a 20 by 60 basic rectangle with zero entry to avoid the difficulty of steps. I have plenty of room and can get concrete trucks and equipment in and out without a problem. My questions are:
1. Will this work? what am I missing
2. What kind of plumbing set up for that size pool? How many skimmers and returns?
3. Anyone with any experience in the PVC liners that can give me some tips would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Jun 16, 2019
Hey Doc and Welocme !! Search up owner build, OB, DIY vinyl / liner or any combo of the 3 to see Oodles of others.

It can be done at a savings but the savings usually get dumped into getting a lot more pool for the buck. Like, say, a 20X60 OB instead of a 20X40 PB (pool builder) pool.

Post up a mock drawing with the basic general idea and hang tight for our pros to weigh in.
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