Converting Hot tub from 120 to 240V ... help


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Dec 29, 2011
I have a Leisure Bay hot tub that is currently running on 120V. Inside the control panel it shows that the wiring can be switched to make it run on 240V. I mainly want to switch to 240 to get the most out of the heater, since it is currently running on 120 I am only getting around 950 Watts (7.8 Amps@120V) out of it. My heater is rated 4KW @ 240V so there is no problem there with the conversion. My main concern is the pump motor which is a 2 speed motor rated for 115V according to the plate on the motor, I'm not sure if I need a new motor or if re-wiring the control panel takes this into account and just supplies 240V to the heater and keeps the motor at 120V.

Can someone take a look at the wiring diagram that I attached and let me know if I can convert it to 240 without getting a new motor? On the diagram it looks like there are 3 steps:
1. Take the red wires from terminal 1 and move them to terminal 4 on the main input "block"
2. Move the selector switch on the board from 20A to 50A position
3. (this one I am unclear about) It shows a wire being added from the 20A fuse to the white (common) wire coming from the pump, is this just if I use a 240V motor?

This is a picture of the wiring diagram for the control panel:

Here are some close ups of the diagrams:



Jan 7, 2012
correct, whether yu have 220 or 110, balboa packs change voltage to the pumps by either putting the white pump wire on neutral (110) or on red AC (220)