Converting from baquacil


Aug 13, 2016
East Fishkill, NY
Looking to get a head start so my pool will be ready by Memorial Day.
18x36 AG, 18600 gal, sand, 1 HP Hayward Powerflo.
Did not winterize end of last season. Looking for suggestions on how much bleach to start with ( & what type) and best test kit to pick up.

thanks in advance for the help !

Texas Splash

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Hello Daddy and welcome to TFP! :wave: Before you go any further, please read this post: Conversion??? specifically post #7. We've had a few conversions already this year, and while there is a method to our madness, there are some unique items you need to be aware of first. There are a few of us that watch for baqua threads due to their unique nature, so please read that thread first and get back with us. We'll be happy to assist with which ever direction you chose.
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